Monday, December 15, 2008

Washington, D.C.

Chet goes to Washington D.C.

I had a fantastic time recently with Mrs. W and her family in the Nation's capital! It was a great place to be following the exciting presidential election. There was so much to see! We took a nice plane ride from Jacksonville (I really enjoy flying now!) I sat with Mrs. W's son on the ride so I could see a lot out of the window, especially when we landed at Ronald Reagan National Airport. It was nighttime when we landed and so we went right to our hotel and relaxed.

The next day I met Mrs. W's great niece who is 3 and the rest of her family from Pittsburg, PA She is cute, happy and full of energy that I loved hanging out with her. She liked me too! The first place we all went was the National Zoo. We took the Washington Metro to our nation's capital. The Metro is a fast train under ground. We had to go down a very long escalator to get to the train. We waited for our train to come and it went super fast from one stop to the next.

There were beautiful fall leaves everywhere and lots of interesting animals. My favorite animal to see was the panda bears (one of my bear cousins). they were a gift from china to our country and are named Ling Ling, Ming Ming, and Ping Ping. There are only 2 zoos in the country that you can see panda bears so it was fascinating to watch these incredible animals. Mrs. W bought me a great backpack there to travel in.

The next day we took the Washington metro to our nation's capital. It was awesome and they were already setting up for the inauguration (the signing in of the new President) in January.

Then we took a cool bus with two levels around the whole city. We sat on the top of the bus and saw so much of this incredible place. There were lots of buildings where people work hard to do all of the nation's business and many great museums that are part of our proud collection of the Smithsonian museums. I really liked the monuments best on our tour. They are so big! These is one tall one built to honor our first President, George Washington. Then there is the Lincoln Monument in honor of the great president, Abe Lincoln. There is also one for President Thomas Jefferson. In addition, there are memorials for the brave soldiers who found in Word War II, The Korean Conflict and the Vietnam War. It all was so incredible and overwhelming.

The day went by fast but the final thing we did was ride on the fun carousel that they have near the capital. It was a great way to end the day!

The final day we explored some of the fabulous museums a little closer. We saw the Natural History Museum and the American Indian Museum. They were so interesting. They even had authentic Native American food to try in the American Indian Museum. I thought a lot about my Kindergarten friends when I was there and how much they would enjoy this museum as they prepare for our annual Pow Wow celebration at Chets.

It was a great trip but I got tired from all the talking! I definitely want to visit again. There was so much to see. I felt proud to be an American! I am not sure if bears are allowed to be president but i think anything is possible in this great country of ours!!

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