Thursday, June 11, 2009


April 7
Yawn. Good morning, this is Chelsey at 4:30 am! I cannot believe P. woke me up this early but I am excited because we are flying to Mexico today. Yeah!

We flew from Jacksonville to Houston, Texas and then to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico! We drove from the airport to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco to Punta Mita, Nayarit where we stayed at Aunt L. and Uncle J.'s house. We were welcomed by the family with strawberry smoothies and went straight to the pool. After dinner we watched the movie Bedtime Stories but I still wasn't tired.

April 8
This morning we slept in (anything past 4:30 is great)! After breakfast we took a trip into Punta Mita to go on a boat excursion. The boats took us on a trip to, what we will call, the "Bird Islands". These islands, which were mainly rock, were full of caves and paths to explore once you swam over to the land. I understand the water in the Pacific Ocean is very cool! That is what P. told me because I chose not to swim. It was a great adventure.

When we returned from the boat, we took a rest while we waited for dinner. We had no idea there was a Piñata Party planned until after dinner was served. The piñata was filled with assorted Mexican and American candies. After the piñata was destroyed we had chocolate cake and played hide and seek. We had so much fun.

April 9
Today we spent the day at the beach a short ride from the house. We had lunch and hung out! The highlight of the beach trip was the discovery of the hermit crabs in all sizes. That was amazing!

April 10
We ventured out to Sayulita, a beach town just a short distance from Punta Mita. The streets and beach were packed because of Easter weekend. In Mexico, people camp on the beach and everywhere else as far as I could tell in celebration of the holiday. We shopped in the market and watched while some of the locals worked on crafts. It was very interesting.

April 11
Today was a short day in Mexico. P. and I went to the pool after breakfast and visited her cousins. I had time to reflect and rest on the plane trip back from Puerto Vallarta, through Houston and finally back to Jacksonville. What a lovely trip.