Wednesday, January 7, 2009

North Olmsted, Ohio

Well after my 2 and 1/2 hour flight I arrived at Miss Evanko's home in North Olmsted, Ohio. It was only 19 degrees out! As you can see in the picture, this is what Ohio looks like. The high was 25 today and the low was 19! What is this? I thought it was a joke at first but Miss E told me, "You better bundle up and brace yourself!" I put her boots on.

One of the first people I met was her two dogs: Heidi and Chyna. She kept talking about how excited she was to see them on the plane. They greeted me as soon as I got in her house. I was a little nervous. However, I found out quite a lot about Heidi. Apparently her favorite hobby is eating snow and sleeping on Mr. Evanko's bed.

Here is me inside her Christmas tree. I have never seen a tree this big before! The one in the classroom is as tall as me. Someone help me down please! Chyna? Heidi? Anyone?
I started up a nice conversation with a snowman who was just hanging around. He was wearing sunglasses, flip flops, and an inner tube. Apparently he was once from Florida but Miss E took him from Florida and gave him to her mom last Christmas.

Now I was ready to go see all this snow Miss E has been going on and on about. She helped me get ready and we headed into the snow. These ski masks are really hard to see out of.

Look at this snow mountain I was playing on. I think I should have had pants on. Brrrrrrr!
Look at that nice shoveling done by Miss E. She said it is not her favorite part about the snow. Too bad the shovel was too heavy for me or I would have totally helped out!

After all that coldness we went back inside to warm up. Hot chocolate is the cure for coldness. I met another nice friend. He kept complaining about this mean green man who makes him pull a huge sleigh. I swear I have seen him somewhere before! He told me he gets that comment pretty often.

After we were home for the day Miss E's mom put her straight to work on making Christmas cookies. YUM YUM! I was really excited to help out. I couldn't really wear a hair net so Miss E had me watching. Then, she told me to be very careful by the oven because my fur might catch on fire easily. I took her advice and just ate them when she was finished. She is such a good baker!

After those cookies I was looking for a little excitement. I met another friend bear. He told me that sometimes he gets really crazy and goes for late night wagon rides. We were sneaky not to wake Miss E up and headed outside. WOHOO!

I thought it was strange there was a plant growing from Miss E's doorway. She explained that it is called a mistletoe. Before I could ask what that means Chyna gave me a huge sniffer kiss! People caught under it have to smooch each other. I had to explain to her we were 'just friends'.

One thing Miss E does with her family is driving around to see Christmas lights. This house was amazing! I bet people can see it from outer space. I would have gotten out of the car but it was only 7 degrees out.

As Christmas came near, I had to help Miss E wrap gifts. The tape was so sticky and I had some problems cutting because I don't really have fingers. Paws make it pretty hard. Here I am after it was all finished. I love gifts!

My last stop was at Lake Erie. This is one of the Great Lakes, not to be fooled with an ocean. I found out there aren't any sharks, dolphins, whales, jellyfish, waves, or tides in this lake. Miss E said there is a lot of seaweed and huge silver fish. It sounds much safer than the ocean.Look I found an iceberg! Oh man was that water freezing. I definitely won't be swimming in there anytime soon.

Wow. What a chilly yet great vacation. Miss E and I were so tired. She had me sleep on her bed with her because she didn't trust Chyna and Heidi. I am so glad I got to come visit her state but I can't wait to get back to the warm weather in Florida!

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