Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chet Goes to Aspen, Colorado!

The first week of March I got to go on vacation with C and his family to Aspen, Colorado! We had a fabulous time! First we had to pack all of our gear, we had A LOT of stuff because we were going to be in the snow. We got to go on two different planes on the way out took a long time to get there. When we got there I was a little confused because they said it would take three hours from Atlanta to Aspen but we left at 6:00pm and when we got there it was 7:00pm? C and his family explained that Aspen is in a different time zone and when it is 9:00pm in Jacksonville it is only 7:00pm in learn something new everyday! When we first got there we had to get some groceries and then check in to our condo. We were so tired from our long day of travels that we ate some dinner and went right to sleep. When we woke up we took the bus down to the ski lodge and got our gear. C decided that he wanted to learn how to snowboard, so he got all geared up and then we went to the "Treehouse" where they teach you how to ski or snowboard. I spent the day with C and his snowboard instructor Ms. Isabelle. C'c parents and his Uncle Philip hit the ski slopes while we hung out at the "Treehouse" learning how to snowboard. C is a natural, he got it right away and was on the slopes in no time. By the third day we were riding up the "skittles"(ski lift) and snowboarding all the way down! C decided we would go to the Sweet Shoppe and get some ice we weren't cold enough already! It was yummy! While we were at the Sweet Shoppe we met a clown who made us balloons and painted C's face. While we were in Aspen we also got to go sledding. It was actually snowing pretty hard when we were sledding, I was FREEZING!! Another thing that was really fun that I did for the first time was ice skate. We had a greta time in Aspen, but I was ready to come home to warm, sunny Jacksonville!

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