Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Boston, MA

This past weekend, I had a chance to travel with Mrs. Ellis to Boston. We left on Saturday. Boy, I'm not sure about the take off and landing's in a plane. It makes me close my eyes. It was a little scary. But I was a big bear and I did just fine. Once we landed we took a taxi to our hotel. Our hotel was the Omni Parker House. It is one of the most famous hotels in Boston. They are famous for creating the Boston Creme Pie. Yummy!
When you walk outside of the hotel, across the street is the place where the first public school was located. Ben Franklin, Samuel Adams and John Adams were all students who attended the school. The school is no longer there, now there is a church in that spot.
I also saw Paul Revere's house. This is a picture of me and Mrs. Ellis outside his home.

I tried looking in the Boston Harbor to see if any tea was left from the Boston Tea Party. But I didn't see any.

Another great building I saw was the Meeting House where they read the Declaration of Independance for the first time in Boston. It was from the balcony in the picture.

I loved all of the great food. I had lobster, crab cakes, Boston Creme
Pie, and clam chowder. I hope I can go back again soon. Two days in Boston is not enough time. Maybe next time I can go with another friend.

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