Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tampa, FL

I got to go to Tampa with a set of sisters this past weekend, the younger one A., the older one E.!

Here is what I did with the little one:
I came back with my new friend A. in kindergarten from an adventure. We went to the football game in Tampa. I was cheering for the Saints. Next, we went to the hotel. In the morning, we saw A.'s Nana and Papa. They live in Lakeland, FL. After that we went to a hotel in Orlando, FL. A. and I went to the pool. It had a pirate ship and it had a slide. A's daddy and sister wet down the slide. I'm glad to be back to see all my friends at Chets Creek.

Here is what I did with the big one:
I am glad to be back with all of you. I had a great trip! I just got back with E. from going to Ocala, Tampa, Bartow, Lakeland and Orlando. We stopped to eat at Steak and Shake in Ocala. We had to eat fast because we were in a hurry to get to E.'s grandpa's football game. After we finished eating, we went to the Saints football game in Tampa. It was an exciting game. After that, we stayed at a hotel in Bartow. We got to the hotel at midnight. I tried calling for a pizza, but E. made me hang up on them and go to bed. I was really hungry for breakfast the next morning! It was a yummy buffet at the hotel, but E. didn't let me eat that much because she didn't want me to get a belly ache. The next day, we went ot see some friends in Lakeland. I met E's Nana and Papa, and her great grandpa. They were fun to meet. After we saw everyone, we went to a fun hotel in Orlando. It had a cool pirate ship and a water slide that went through it. I begged E. to let me go down the water slide with her, but only one person could ride at a time. I wasn't tall enough to ride by myself! Maybe I'll be tall enough next time! It was a fun and exhausting trip with E. I slept the whole way home, and through the night. I had to get up early the next morning to go to school with E. I was not happy about that! What a great adventure!

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