Sunday, September 21, 2008

New York City, NY

Hi it’s me Chet, and I’m so excited about traveling to so many places this year. Now I’m going to tell you about my trip with A & L to New York. The airport was really cool. We went through security and I got to go through a machine just like an x-ray machine. Once we got through security, we had some extra time so we some got lifesaver gummies for the trip, and they were delicious. Our plane was late leaving, but A & L said that was normal for a flight to New York.

We finally got on the plane and put on our seatbelts and listened to the safety information. Take off was fun because it made my tummy feel funny. We flew through the clouds and I watched Jacksonville fade away through the window. I think I may have taken a nap on the plane because the next thing I knew, we were there. But I do remember having snacks on the plane, listening to A & L’s iPods and reading too!

While we were in New York, A & L did a lot of family stuff and I got to hang out some in the hotel. But, we did get to go into the city. We took the train downtown and then had a real adventure in a New York City cab! Wow – those guys are crazy drivers!!! The next thing I knew we were on a cool boat and this other guy was telling us all about downtown New York City and L was holding me while they took pictures of me in front of the Statue of Liberty! After they took pictures of me smiling my best, I got to see finally what I was waiting for. I got to see the Statue of Liberty! Wow – it is huge, and it was so cool. I was right in front of it. If my arm was super stretchy, I would have reached out and laid my little paw on it. It was just amazing!

On the way back to the hotel, we walked past Times Square and Broadway to get back to Grand Central Station. There are so many people in New York City and so many things to see. I hope I get to go back one day, so I can see more. My favorite part of the trip was definitely the Statue of Liberty because it reminds us of our freedom!

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