Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Boston, MA - again!

It is I your furry pal Chet and I have returned from a second fantastic trip to Boston, Massachusetts! I traveled with Ms. Hopfe's parents (Ms. Hopfe helps us in the dining room every day). They took me to so many great places. I was a little homesick, but I had a wonderful time!

While I was on my trip to Massachusetts, I visited the historic Plymouth waterfront. A place where some of the first settlers in America came! I saw lots of great boats, even one that looked similar to the Mayflower herself. I had a great time at the harbor and even saw Plymouth Rock, the landing place of the Pilgrims in 1620!

Nearby, I was able to see Plimoth Plantation and the Mayflower II. I journeyed to the Old House at Adams National Historic Park. Then I did some more sightseeing at a church where two of our Presidents attended, President John Adams and his son, President John Adams. My little furry legs were tired from all this walking, it was time to hitch a ride with the Ms. Hopfe's parents to continue our tour!

I decided to take a drive to Fenway Park, I liked my view on top of the car! What a time! I got to see a Hockey Game and meet a first grade Hockey Player. She wanted to give me a hug, so we posed for a great picture.

After all that sightseeing, posing, and driving, I had a great snack with Ms. Hopfe's parents at a local pizzeria. The cook there wanted to give me a hug too, I guess I am just too cute! So we posed in front of our tasty lunch!

On the way back to Ms. Hopfe's family home, we dropped by Harvard Medical School. My dad keeps telling me I should be a doctor. You never know, so I got my picture taken there just in case I want to come back! And just before I hit the hay, I posed for a few more photos with all my favorite team hats and flags, the Boston Red Sox, Patriots, and the Celtics of course!

The next day, I flew all the way back to Jacksonville, Florida where I am awaiting my next trip! I love to travel, but my little furry feet are glad to be at rest for now here at my home, Chets Creek!
ps. Check out my pictures!

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Blair Korman (Emma's Mom) said...

Chet and I are in London. Chet got to fly in first class on the whole trip since the flight was so long...mommy's company let her ride in style. He got to hang out in the Delta Crowne Room, had dinner on the plane, and had a really exciting cab ride to the hotel on Tuesday. There are lots of crazy round and round turns on the roads down here. I think his tummy got a little bit sick from the way the cab driver drove:) Mommy thinks driving in a car down here is like riding the teacup ride at Universal!

I plan to take Chet to visit a castle while he is in London. There is one not too far from our hotel. Maybe he will find a princess to marry while we are there? Do you think he is old enough to get married? How many years old is Chet...does he live in Dog Years or people years? Our hotel room is really small but nice and cute. I have been working a lot this week, so Chet has been back in the hotel room watching TV, but I think I will bring him to work with me this weekend. He might enjoy a change of scenery and maybe he can ride around on the conveyor belts...that is sort of like an escalator. Let Miss Young know I really appreciate having Chet with me, and I am taking good care of him.

Chet and Emma's Mom