Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jacksonville, FL

Wow! What a great surprise!!! I got to go home with E this weekend! I went to E's house and met her dog, Jessie. At first I was scared because Jessie was so big! But then I realized she was a very friendly dog.

On Friday night, E's friend came over and we all jumped together on the trampoline. They both bounced me pretty high and I got a little dizzy. We then went inside and did a craft, ate pizza, and watched one of my favorite shows, Hannah Montana!

On Saturday morning I went with E to her soccer game. I cheered sooo loud when E scored a goal! I was happy to see some friends from school who were on her team!
After the game we ate hotdogs for lunch and picked up E's friend from her brother's soccer game. We played outside for a long time but it got too hot.

We decided to go to the pool. I didn't get into the pool because the water was too cold for a bear like me but E and D did and they had lots of fun.
That night D got to spend the night with me and E! On Sunday we got up early to go to church. I was so excited to see Mrs. Morgan there and Mrs. Morgan's mom, Miss Kitty. I got to give Miss Kitty a big hug!
When we left church we had lunch and then took a trip to Build-a-Bear where I was born. E and her mom bought me a new outfit and a backpack so that I would have a place to put my books and pens. We met E's friend A there and after we left Build-a-Bear we went and had a cinnamon pretzel in the mall.
I had a great weekend with the O Family and cannot wait to visit with them again!

I have been a very busy bear so keep watch to see where I go next!

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