Monday, October 27, 2008

Hilton Head, SC

I visited Hilton Head, SC with A's family. We left on Saturday around lunch and headed to Hilton Head. I just hung out with A on the 3 hour trip. When we were there, I experienced many new and exciting adventures. I went biking almost every day because where we stayed has bike paths throughout the entire plantation. I also spent many hours lounging on the beach. I didn't swim with my friends, but I did enjoy hanging out and getting a sun tan.

One sunny afternoon I got to experience kayaking. I went on a short trip since they didn't have a life jacket that fit me properly. Another exciting part of our trip is A's Aunt MaeMae's bird, Lucas. He kept landing on all of our heads and shoulders. We loved feeding him sunflower seeds. Lucas loves many fruits, but sunflower seeds are his favorite. I had so much fun on my trip to South Carolina!

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