Wednesday, October 22, 2008

London, England

I am in London! I got to fly in first class on the whole trip since the flight was so friends' company let us ride in style. I got to hang out in the Delta Crowne Room, had dinner on the plane, and had a really exciting cab ride to the hotel on Tuesday. There are lots of crazy round and round turns on the roads down here. I think my tummy got a little bit sick from the way the cab driver drove:) We think driving in a car over here is like riding the teacup ride at Universal!

While I'm here I plan to visit a castle while I am in London. There is one not too far from our hotel which is near the Thames River. Maybe I will find a princess to marry while we are visiting the castle? Do you think I am old enough to get married?

Our hotel room is really small but nice and cute. The perfect size for the two of us. My friends have been working a lot this week, so I have been back in the hotel room watching TV. I can't wait to see what I see!

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