Monday, October 13, 2008

Stowe, VT

I had such a great time in Vermont with N. and his family. When we arrived in Vermont, we couldn't believe how beautiful the fall foliage looked. The leaves were so many colors. We saw orange, yellow,and red leaves and we had fun trying to identify the different types. I really liked the cool crisp weather with my thick coat. We wasted no time starting our adventures. We went to Stowe, Vermont where I met a bear friend right away! We had fun throwing the leaves and rolling down hills. Ialso liked walking on the covered bridges with N. We saw the biggest pumpkin I have ever seen! I really liked hiking in the mountains, canoeing down the Laomille River where I saw beaver dams, and fly fishing where we caught fish and even spotted different animal tracks. After all the activities we did, N.'s parents let us have lots of treats. We went to an Apple Cider Mill where we had delicious cider and applecider donuts! One of my favorite stops was the Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory-yummy! Can you believe that just in time for the beginning of the holiday season, we even saw elk. I had a wonderful trip but I am glad to be back at school with all my friends and I am looking forward to my next adventure!

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Debby Cothern said...

"N" we just love hearing all about your trip to Vermont. Chet must really love ice cream. Our favorite picture is with the prize winning pumpkin. Thanks for taking care of Chet.
Mrs. Ellis and Mrs. Cothern