Sunday, October 19, 2008

Portland, ME

Hey Everyone! This is Chet, reporting from Portland, Maine. I arrived here last week, to the offices of Stenhouse Publishers. I was greeted by some nice people who publish books for teachers, but unfortunately they put me to work immediately.
Check out the photos of me working hard and attending important meetings.

During the weekend I did get to travel around Portland and make some new friends. I visited Kettle Cove beach, where I saw some fishing boats on the water, along with lobster traps. I also went to Portland Head Light - look at that view behind me! The lighthouse is 80-feet tall and George Washington ordered it to be built in 1791.

After all the sightseeing, we had some lunch and I made friends with this huge lobster! He was friendly – even put his claw around me. I also met some other bears in Maine.
Later this week I am going to visit a newspaper near Portland and see their big printing presses. Should be pretty exciting!


Randi Timmons said...

Hi Chet! How exciting that you were able to visit Maine, I've never been there and it looks like my family and I should take a trip to see the beautiful shoreline. I can't believe you were able to visit Stenhouse Publishers. Did you get to meet Debbie Miller? I love her books! They help me become a better teacher every day. What all did you do while you were at the publishing house? Did you see an actual book being published? I hope I get to go too someday, I'll tell them I know their new friend Chet!


Michelle Ellis said...

I have been to Portland before for a math workshop. It is a wonderful place to visit. I had no idea that they published Debbie Miller books there. Stenhouse Publishing is an important company to teachers. I am glad to have you home!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Maine beautiful? I lived there for six years. Nothing compares to listening to loons call across the water, sipping tea in front of a wood stove during a snowstorm, or hiking through Acadia National Park (my favorite place in the whole wide world). Your trip has me reliving many wonderful memories. I'm a little homesick...
Mrs. Chascin

Mrs. Lauren Skipper said...

Your pictures look like postcards, it is really beautiful there. I lived in Rhode Island for one year when I was in second grade. I don;t remeber much about it, but I do remember the beautiful rocky shoeline. You sure look like you had a lot of fun while you were working.

Angela Phillips said...


It looks as though you had a wonderful time while visiting Maine. It is so beautiful there. I went there a few years ago with Michelle Ellis (who left you an earlier comment) for a math conference and we enjoyed some amazing views similar to those in your wonderful pictures. Reading your post helped me remember just how much I enjoyed my trip there. Glad you are home!

Mrs. Jennifer Zawis said...

Wow Chet! What a beautiful place to have the opportunity to visit. I am from the Northeast and really appreciate the dynamic landscapes up there...not to mention all of the yummy food! We look forward to hearing more about your trip!